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Financial issues and legal obligations must be carefully considered in divorce. At the law offices of Marie A. Pulte, P.C., we prepare clients for life after divorce by discussing in detail the division of assets, how 401k and retirement plans may be impacted, how taxes may affect the division of assets, and how outstanding debt will be assigned. Our divorce attorneys explain what factors are taken into account in determining child custody, child / spousal support payments, and parenting time schedules. We protect our client’s rights and interests by thoroughly preparing financial documentation and other information in order to support your case.

If you are facing divorce and are uncertain how best to protect you and your children, contact divorce lawyers at the law offices of Marie A. Pulte, P.C. Initial phone consultations available at no charge.

Divorce – Protecting Your Rights and Interests

The divorce attorneys at the law offices of Marie A. Pulte, P.C., represent clients in regard to the following divorce-related issues:

  • Child custody
  • Child / spousal support
  • Division of marital assets / debts
  • Parenting Time schedule
  • Contested divorce settlement
  • Valuation of business

The Collaborative Divorce Process – Putting You in Charge

The Collaborative Divorce Process offers couples several advantages a court-ordered divorce settlement does not. In the Collaborative Divorce, couples enter into talks and negotiations in order to work out differences and identify mutually agreeable terms for their divorce. As a result, Collaborative Divorce puts you in charge of your own future rather than having a judge decide the outcome of your divorce.

As a trained professional in Collaborative Divorce, Marie A. Pulte understands what needs to be done in order to ensure our clients’ rights and interests are protected. We refuse to allow our clients to be taken advantage of, we advocate for our clients’ interests. The success of the collaborative process requires both sides to compromise to reach a result that works for both of you.

Questions Regarding Divorce? Contact Marie A. Pulte

Divorce involves a number of financial issues and legal obligations that must be explained and considered carefully. Our office helps clients understand their current situation better so they can make informed decisions. To discuss your case, contact Marie A. Pulte, P.C., today for a initial phone consultation at no charge.

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