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Mediating Family Matters

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Couples interested in avoiding litigation often find mediation an effective means for resolving differences when setting the terms of their divorce. In mediation, couples choose a trained neutral mediator to guide and oversee discussions between the parties involved. Typically, a mediator helps couples find common ground in order to identify terms both sides find mutually agreeable. At the law offices of Marie A. Pulte, P.C., our lawyer can either advise and counsel clients engaged in mediation or serve as a neutral mediator for them. Should you need advice prior to entering mediation, our lawyer will evaluate your situation and help you understand how an equitable distribution of marital assets, custody and parenting time schedules may be achieved.

For more information regarding mediation and how we can help you, contact the law offices of Marie A. Pulte, P.C., today. We offer free consultations and are qualified to act either as a mediator or your attorney in mediation.

Solving Family Law Disputes Through Mediation

While every case is different, mediation can be used to resolve the following kinds of family law disputes:

  • Child custody arrangement
  • Parenting time schedules
  • Division of marital property / debt
  • Post-divorce modifications

Preparing for Mediation

Depending on the issues you intend to settle in mediation, it is important to prepare all necessary records and documentation prior to meeting with your mediator. As your attorney, we explain what types of financial information is needed, how to work toward your parenting goals, and how to present your information in the mediation.

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If you need a mediator or are interested in legal representation before entering into mediation, contact mediation attorneys at the law offices of Marie A. Pulte, P.C. We can advise you regarding negotiations and compromises during mediation and help you understand how to achieve a result favorable to everyone involved.

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