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The Many Benefits Of Mediation

At the law office of Marie A. Pulte, P.C., we know that mediation, negotiation and collaborative divorce often produce better outcomes than going to trial for a family law matter. Although this process is not for all families, there are benefits to mediation for everyone involved. If you have an amicable relationship with your spouse or believe you can resolve matters without drama, mediation may be right for you.

Why You Should Consider Mediation

One of the best reasons to try mediation is for the sake of your children. Because divorce, custody issues and the like can be stressful, children suffer at the hands of angry, distracted parents embroiled in a bitter battle. Mediation is designed to avoid contention and difficult court appearances.

Couples without children can greatly benefit from mediation as well. Here are a few reasons why mediation might work best for your needs:

  • It is usually less stressful: Mediation is conducted in a neutral setting, like someone’s office or a conference room, with a trained mediator and, if you wish, one of our experienced attorneys. The atmosphere is conducive to resolution, not confrontation, thereby resulting in more relaxed negotiations.
  • It is usually less expensive: The most expensive component of taking family law issues to trial is the time spent in court. Mediation generally costs less than a courtroom divorce or going to trial to resolve custody, visitation and support issues.
  • You stay in control: Mediation allows you to negotiate and decide the outcome of your case yourself. Because you will be focusing on resolution directly and not relying on a judge to determine the outcome of your case, you maintain control throughout the negotiation process. You and your spouse can make decisions you know are in the best interests of your family.
  • You often save time: The American Bar Association (ABA) states that it can be years before a case makes it to trial. However, Marie A. Pulte is trained in mediation and can often help you resolve your family law issues within a few mediation sessions.

We’ll Help You Determine Whether Mediation Is Right For You

The law firm of Marie A. Pulte, P.C., has been serving families in and near Plymouth, Michigan, since 1996. Our compassionate, experienced lawyers believe that mediation is a positive alternative to resolving differences in court. While a trial may ultimately be unavoidable, we seek to help clients come to agreement quickly and painlessly whenever possible.

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