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The law firm of Marie A. Pulte, P.C., in Plymouth, Michigan, helps clients obtain a divorce through mediation, collaborative divorce process, or litigation. Committed exclusively to practicing in the area of family law, we’ve cultivated our resources in order to provide depth of service and representation. Rather than practice in a number of different areas of law, our attorneys are committed to providing innovative solutions and approaches to families and individuals faced with different kinds of family law issues.

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Family Mediation

In the mediation setting the couple chooses a neutral, trained mediator to help facilitate their discussions toward resolution of their family law issues. If you retain our office as your attorneys, you have the choice to have one of our attorneys accompany you to the mediation or we can meet with you prior to the initial mediation session to prepare you to meet with your spouse and the mediator to resolve your issues. Mediation is designed to help the parties develop their own ideas and resolutions rather than having solutions imposed upon them by the judge. Because we have a trained mediator, you may chose to retain us either as your attorney to represent you in the mediation process or as your attorney.

Many people assume that family mediation is only for couples with children. That is not accurate; many of our clients have no children and use mediation to seek settlement. If you and your ex-spouse are interested in avoiding costly litigation and have a genuine interest in reaching a consensus on how to resolve family law issues, we have the experience and knowledge needed to help you.

Collaborative Divorce Process

Collaborative Divorce involves the clients and their collaboratively trained attorneys meeting and voluntarily exchanging ideas and information until an agreement is reached. Before they begin this process, both attorneys and parties sign a Participation Agreement in which they contract to use the collaborative process to settle the divorce case. This process uses a series of four-way meetings and may involve bringing in financial specialists, child specialists, other experts or a mediator, who are mutually hired by the parties to provide assistance when necessary. Because the goal is to reach a collaborative decision, if no agreement is reached and the parties decide to have the court make their decisions for them, their collaborative lawyers must withdraw with the parties proceeding with new counsel to engage in traditional litigation. This provides great incentive for both clients and attorneys to negotiate toward constructive and mutually satisfactory solutions.

Family Law

The law firm of Marie A. Pulte, P.C., provides the following Family Law services:

Property Division & Custody

Our law firm has significant experience advising clients in both property division and custody issues. It is important to have your divorce lawyer address details in your property settlement that cannot be added in later once it is signed. It is also important to address details with respect to the children’s issues to avoid the need to continually return to court in the future.

Whether your family law matter may be resolved through Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, or Litigation, we are here to protect your interests and help you achieve favorable results while minimizing the emotional damage that so often accompanies family law matters.

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